Pre-Registration and Costs

We are limited to 180 places first come first served.  The 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 events were sold out well in advance.  First come, first served.  You must be a member of the Expedition Climbers Club to attend the Remarkables Ice and Mixed Climbing Festival.  To Join simply click on the relevant links below.  As festival places are limited in addition to completing your club membership form you will also need to indicate which part of the festival you would like to participate in.  First come first served. Please note that we will reserve the right to reallocate you onto a more appropriate course if you aren’t able to demonstrate your suitability for your preferred choice, e.g. if you turn up for Learning to Lead but haven’t used crampons before (or maybe only once) then we will probably put you in Snowcraft One.

First Light Guiding Chicks ‘N’ Picks

Chicks N Picks maximum 8 participants.

This course focuses on ice climbing, but will offer a refresher of some snow craft skills as needed. However, if you’ve never used ice axe and crampons, the course isn’t appropriate. Walk in – fly out is the preference, weather permitting.  This will add an additional $150 – $180 per person payable on the day.

Participants need to have a basic knowledge of using an ice axe and crampons, along with the ability to top-rope belay someone. This means that it is necessary to have rock climbed previously, and spent some time in snowy, alpine environments. Participants need a reasonable level of fitness including being able to carry a full pack for up to 4 hours. This ensures that participants will gain greater enjoyment and learning outcomes from the course.

The precursor to this clinic is Snow Craft 1.

Click here to register for the FLG Chicks N Picks and to join the ECC as a Training Member

Tendon Ropes Ice & Mixed Clinics

Tendon Ropes Ice and Mixed Climbing Clinics maximum 24 participants. One day of demonstrations will be given on each climbing technique. Participants need to have a basic knowledge of using an ice axe and crampons, along with the ability to top-rope belay someone. This means that it is necessary to have rock climbed previously, and spent some time in snowy, alpine environments. Participants need a reasonable level of fitness including being able to carry a full pack for up to 4 hours. This ensures that participants will gain greater enjoyment and learning outcomes from the course.

Click here to register for the Tendon Ropes Ice and Mixed Clinics and to join the ECC as a Training Member

Sea To Summit Snow Craft 1

Snow Craft Clinic  maximum 9 participants

Clinic covers the progression from tramping to transalpine and basic mountaineering, including snow safety, and is suitable for beginners. Skills: travel on snow with ice axe and crampons, self arrest, avalanche awareness and use of avalanche equipment, navigating and route selection above the snowline, camping in the snow (much more of a science than it sounds). Intended for trampers or rock climbers with little or no prior snow and ice experience, who may at the conclusion of the course be able to attempt grade 1-2 mountains or (for example) accompany many NZAC section trips.

Sea To Summit Snow Craft 2

Bivouac Snow Craft Clinic  maximum 9 participants

This course is intended for beginner mountaineers who are already familiar with ice axe, crampons, and avalanche safety equipment, and who already have around 10 or more days experience with basic mountaineering (e.g. grade 1 or 2 peaks), but who wish to undertake more grade 2-3 peaks. The course refreshes avalanche awareness and self arrest, but focuses on basic ropework including rock and snow anchors, abseiling, travel on steep snow, as well as introducing glacier travel and crevasse rescue techniques. Not suitable for beginners. Depending entirely on participants and suitable conditions, there may be an opportunity to climb Single Cone on day 2 of the course.

Click here to register for the STS Snow Craft 2 Clinic and to Join the ECC as a Training Member 

RAB General Climbing

General Climbing maximum 80 participants.

General climbing is suitable for anyone who can look after themselves on a mountain,  i.e is comfortable leading or seconding with their friends and does not need any instruction. General climbing is just yourself and your climbing partners on the mountain, climbing the routes you have selected. The benefits of attending the Festival are access to climbing partners, route information, and other sweet festival events!

To join the Expedition Climbers Club and register for the General Climbing click here. 

Earth Sea Sky Introduction to Back Country Ski Touring

Earth Sea sky Intro to Back Country Ski Touring maximum 14 participants

A two day clinic covering all you need to know for basic ski touring and avalanche awareness.  Participants are limited to 12 places.  You will need your own ski touring equipment and avalanche gear.  All people on this clinic need to know how to ski and have a good level of fitness.  A full list of all equipment is available in the resources section of this website.

Click here to register for the ESS Ski Touring Clinic and to join the ECC as a Training Member

RAB Learning to Lead on Traditional Protection

RAB Learning to Lead Clinic maximum 8 participants

A two day intensive clinic aimed at teaching the basics of lead climbing for anyone wanting to move from top-roping onto their first alpine mixed lead.  This is limited to 6 participants.  This is the perfect clinic for those who have previously attended the Ice and Mixed Clinics but are not feeling comfortable to lead on their own in the mountains.  You should have spent many days using ice axe and crampons and climbed some grade 2-3 (Mount Cook scale) mountains. A full list of all equipment required is available on our resources page on this website.  We will be covering the basics of traditional anchors, double and single rope techniques, placing protection, and advanced climbing techniques.

Click here to register for the Learning to Lead Clinic and to join the ECC as a Training Member

What you need to know before registering

You must be a Expedition Climbers Club member to attended the Ice and Mixed Climbing Festival.  In using the links above you both register for the festival and join the Expedition Climbers Club.  Our membership is broken into three categories, Training members (all those who are attending things like festival clinics) associate members (people who have the necessary skills to climb unassisted in the mountains i.e. those signing up for general climbing) and ordinary members (those who are volunteering their time for the good of the club, i.e festival volunteers, mentors of the Alpine Team, club instructors etc)  As any type of club member you are also entitled to participate in our overseas club trips, summer and winter climbing camps and specialist club skill days such as our women’s-only trad climbing trips.

All registrations will be made online or if you are having any problems please contact Narina +64 (0)3 377 7595 or email Narina  The New Zealand Alpine Club is a proud supporter of this event and help us co ordinate festival registrations / answer questions etc.

When joining the Expedition Climbers Club and registering for the Remarkables Ice and Mixed Climbing Festival you will need to indicate the following

  • Which of the above groups you are registering for?
  • Tell us your tee shirt size.  Everyone who registers before July 1st gets a free festival tee shirt!  Show your mates just how cool you really are.
  • Do you wish to make a donation to the Expedition Capital Fund project?  Every little bit helps……This money will be held in trust for the next five years while we ramp up our fundraising efforts. At the end of the five year period only the interest earned or dividends received from the invested money will be paid out and the capital amount will be retained. This will help ensure that future generations of climbers will also benefit from the fundraising we do today.
  • Will you be attending the festival dinners on Thursday Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Our venue is the Queenstown Events Center( dinners cost approx $15).  We have to pre order all meals so please give an honest indication if you plan to have dinner that will help us get our order right.
  • There will be good vegetarian options available.
  • You can also purchase house wine and tap beer to make your next days climbing that extra bit harder.
  • Have you liked our FB page?  This is the perfect place to look for partners, share new route information, keep up to date with festival info and conditions.
  • Have you checked out for free online route information?  There is also a select guide available on our website.  However this is now quite out of date so we suggest you check Climb NZ as well.  This is available on our website via our resources page.  We will also publish new route information via our FB page and Climb NZ.
  • Refunds policy, All registrations and club membership payments are final.  There are no refunds or transfers.
  • The majority of clinics are taught by fellow climbers not professional guides.  The aim of the festival is for experienced climbers to show other climbers new skills and share knowledge.  This is not a guided weekend and anyone attending will have to be comfortable making their own decisions regarding personal safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which clinic should I enter for?

  • Have you ever used ice axe and crampons? Do you have any winter mountain climbing experience? If the answer to either of these is no, or you have a small amount of winter climbing experience then you should register for the Snow Craft 1 Course.  This will cover use of ice axes, self arresting, walking in crampons, avalanche rescue etc.
  • If you’ve done a little mountaineering, but aren’t up to scratching your way up ice and mixed, consider the Snowcraft 2 Course. This course refreshes avalanche skills and self-arrest but advances into anchor building and steep snow climbing technique.
  • Are your clinics run by professional mountain guides? No. All or the vast majority of our clinics are run by experienced climbers from around NZ.  These climbers represent the best collection of winter alpinists in the country.  The idea is that they are out to share skills and knowledge with you.  They do not act as your guides and it is important that if at any time you are uncomfortable with any of the risks being taken you make the appropriate decisions for your own personal safety.
  • Do you have basic snow skills, can build anchors walk in crampons but want to learn to ice or mixed climbing and are not comfortable leading? Then you belong in Ice and Mixed Climbing Clinics.
  • Can I register for First Light Guiding Chicks ‘N Picks? Women with basic prior climbing experience can do Chicks ‘N Picks, first come first served.
  • Looking to start back country ski touring? Then our back country ski touring clinic is for you.  We will also cover off basic avalanche awareness on this course as well.
  • Have you tried the Ice and Mixed Clinics in a previous year and want to learn the basics of traditional protection out on the mountain? If so then our Learning to Lead Clinic would be a great place to start.
  • Are you confident being the leader of your party and know how to climb placing your own protection i.e. can you look after yourself, make decisions and assess the terrain on your own? If so, you belong in General Climbing group.
  • Where can we stay? Frankton Holiday Park is a good place to start, or try one of the Queenstown Backpackers.
  • Money raised via our Expedition Capital Fund Charity Auction goes towards running the event and the Expedition Capital Fund.  The festival takes many hours of work from around 20 dedicated volunteers.  We manage to get all of our work done by volunteers who support the concept.  The Expedition Climbers Club is keen to maintain the volunteer aspect of our clubs membership.  We have three levels of member.  Training members are those who might need some extra help in the mountains from more experienced members.  ie people who might like to register for one of the Festival clinics.  Associate members are those who are experienced enough to climb un assisted in the mountains and might like to attend things like the General Climbing section of the Ice and Mixed Festival.  Ordinary club members are those people who are both fully skilled in mountain climbing and in addition to this are prepared to offer a annual volunteer service back to the club.  For example they might take a clinic at the Ice and Mixed Festival, organise an annual expedition, take less experienced club members out for weekend climbing etc.

Benefits of attending the Remarkables Ice & Mixed Climbing Festival

  • Climb with NZ’s top winter climbers
  • Gain local knowledge with our free route topos & inside info on unclimbed projects
  • Build new climbing partnerships and friendships
  • Share your knowledge with other motivated winter climbers
  • Watch the limits of modern mixed climbing being pushed in an accessible & barely-developed environment.
  • Fantastic prizes.
  • Get your name in front of NZs suppliers of climbing gear and equipment. See your new routes featured in the NZAC Climber Magazine.
  • Be part of the winter scene and contribute to the growing base of routes and winter climbers in NZ
  • Help support the Expedition Capital Fund

Registration Day

All people must arrive at registration Thursday night between 5pm – 8pm to be part of the festival.  All evening gatherings including registration take place at the Queenstown Events Center (Upstairs) The event briefing will be at 7.45pm on Thursday night.  The social climb and ski tour briefing for the Double to Single Cone Traverse and the Earth Sea Sky Back Country Ski Touring Adventure is after dinner on Saturday Night.  Registration takes place up stairs at the Queenstown Events Center.