The Remarkables Ice & Mixed Climbing Festival is not for profit.  All money raised via the Expedition Capital Fund auction will be used for festival running costs and donations to the Expedition Climbers Club (Inc.), Expedition Capital Fund.

Our aim is to advance technical winter climbing in New Zealand by bringing new climbing partners together in a supportive environment that fosters innovation, sharing and competition.

Our contributors have all volunteered their time, knowledge, houses and transport to help make this a successful festival.  There are no paid workers and all money raised will be used for the good of the festival and the collective climbing community.

Each year we anticipate raising Approx $10,000 – 15,000 for the Expedition Climbers Club, Expedition Capital Fund.

This money will be held in trust, only the interest earned or dividends received from the invested money will be paid out and the capital amount will be retained. This will help ensure that future generations of climbers will also benefit from the fundraising we do today.

Previous Donations to the ECC Expedition Capital Fund

These donations are a combination of member donations, donations from the ECC, proceeds from the Ice and Mixed Climbing Festival fund raising auction.

In 2017 we raised approx $9,002 for the ECC Expedition Capital Fund

In 2016 we raised approx $15,000 for the ECC Expedition Capital Fund

In 2015 we raised approx $13,625 or the ECC Expedition Capital Fund

In 2014 we raised approx $18,880 for the ECC Expedition Capital Fund

In 2013 we raised approx. $16,344 for the ECC Expedition Capital Fund

In 2012 we raised approx.  $8149  for the ECC Expedition Capital Fund

The Expedition Capital Fund as at 18th August 2016  is currently sitting on $81,000.00 which includes donations from individuals, donations from the Expedition Climbers Club and the Ice and Mixed Festival charity auction.  The Expedition Capital Fund made its first investment in 2014.  A $50,000 unit in a commercial property syndicate.  The first investment returns 8% PA net for the fund.  The first expedition supported by the Expedition Capital Fund was to Peru in 2016, the fund provided a $5000 grant with 12 club members going on the expedition.  The second expedition to be supported by the Expedition Capital Fund with a $5000 grant is to Nepal in October 2017.  The third expedition organised by the club is to India and received a $5000.00 grant.

A big thanks to all our participants and sponsors.

The Expedition Climbers Club (Inc.) started the Expedition Capital Fund in 2012.  Our aim is to raise over $1,000,000.00 for the Expedition Capital Fund, with the long term goal of having enough in the fund that ECC can support the complete costs of one international climbing expedition per year.